Planned Giving

Planned giving provides the opportunity to make a substantial gift to The Joslyn Center while preserving financial security. These gifts often provide tax incentives and other financial benefits. Please remember The Joslyn Center in your will or trust.

The Joslyn Center offers several planned giving options:


Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a gift to The Joslyn Center that also generates income for you usually at a much higher interest rate than you would receive through a bank or CD. When you transfer your cash or property to us, we promise to make a fixed payment to you for life at a rate based on your age. In addition to the security of fixed income, you receive a charitable income tax deduction and a portion of each of your annuity payments may be tax free. Our charitable gift annuities are managed by the Inland Empire Community Foundation. The deferred payment gift annuity in which annuity payments are delayed for more than one year offers rates that make it an attractive supplement to your retirement income.


The Joslyn Center Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle honors those who have included The Joslyn Center in their future plans by including the center in their will.

Joslyn Legacy Circle Members

Bruce Berkemeier Bequest*
J & D Bird Trust
Dr. Abram I. & Sylvia S. Chasens Endowment Fund*
Estate of Jennie S. Bohanova
Estate of Merritt & Penny Joslyn*
Richard Etts
Joseph W. (Chip) Lyman III
LeBlanc Family Trust*
Patty Newman
Peter Rittenhouse
Mary Schneller
Barbara Steffens
The Barbara Steffens Fund

*in memoriam

Joslyn Center Endowment Fund

The Joslyn Center has established an endowment fund at the Inland Empire Community Foundation of Riverside and San Bernardino. You can help support this fund through a simple charitable gift annuity or IRA rollover.

For more information on planned giving, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans, contact Greg Murphy 760-340-3220 x 107, or Jack Newby 760-340-3220 x 106,

We can also refer you to a qualified estate planning attorney if you are looking for someone to draft your plan.