Event Series Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese movement practice that offers a number of health benefits. Research Trusted Source shows that practicing tai chi can improve balance, stability, and flexibility in older people, including those with Parkinson’s disease. Practiced regularly, it can also help reduce pain, especially from knee osteoarthritis, back problems, and fibromyalgia. Regular practice…

Event Series Yoga


Derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuji,” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Event Series Quilting Group

Quilting Group

The purpose of this organization is to: 1. Contribute to the knowledge and appreciation of fine quilts; 2. Sponsor and support quilting activities; 3. Encourage quilt making and collecting; and 4. Promote the growth of knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, patterns, history, and quiltmakers. Call Jer for more information: 760-565-6443

Event Series Calisthenics


Calisthenics are a naturally safer alternative to lifting heavy weights or using equipment. Less weight means less strain on your muscles and joints. This goes for not just senior citizens, but everyone. We’re big believers in “less is more,” meaning the less complicated a workout can be, the better. Come join us for this free…

Event Series Beginning Bridge Lessons

Beginning Bridge Lessons

Hmm...What is bridge like? It has been compared to poker or blackjack in that knowing the probabilities and remembering which cards have been played is helpful. It is unlike poker in that you have a partner and there is very little bluffing. It has been compared to chess in that there is an advantage to…

Event Series Bingo


Come join DeDe, and the gang for a fun afternoon of bingo. In the United States, bingo is a game of chance in which each player matches numbers printed in different arrangements on cards with the numbers the game host (caller) draws at random, marking the selected numbers with tiles. When a player finds the…

Event Series Balance Conditioning

Balance Conditioning

This class will focus on total body and core strength while incorporating balance moves and stretches. It is the perfect way for all seniors to improve overall flexibility and strength while increasing their balance and stability.

Event Series Joslyn Strummers

Joslyn Strummers

The group of ukulele players boasts up to 75 members during the winter season has an in-person/ Zoom session with strummers from the United States, Canada, and even Paris. Led by Wendy Alderson-Soda, a Hawaiian-born, Joslyn board member, the group of 35-45 people meet online to sing, play, and socialize. To join or for more…

Event Series Memoir and Creative Writing

Memoir and Creative Writing

Have you always wanted to write? Do you already write but want to share your creations with others in a friendly and supportive environment? Then you’re invited to join the Memoir and Creative Writing class on Thursdays from 1:30 to3:30 p.m. in the Board Room. We welcome writing styles from memoir and personal essay to…