Help End Senior Hunger

Seniors Going Hungry - Right in Our Own Community

At The Joslyn Center we know that seniors need our help.  We see it every day and we know that we are the only resource for the many seniors in our community.  

We recently launched our End Senior Hunger Campaign to address the issue of senior hunger right here in our "own community." As our seasonal visitors leave for the summer, we must turn our attention to our most vulnerable population...isolated, low income seniors and older adults, who rely on our coming together to provide help, services, and yes...vital nutritional services to our own neighbors. 

How You Can Help? Make your donation to our End Senior Hunger Campaign! Click Here to go directly to our secure donation page and donate TODAY! You may also send your donation via US Mail or bring it directly to our reception desk.  Every dollar helps make a direct impact to the seniors in our community.  Thank you!