Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling - the healthiest exercise in the Coachella Valley!

They wear white out of tradition, they come together as many as three times a week-- and they are some of the best "lawn bowlers" in the world.  The Cove Communities Lawn Bowling Club meets at the Joslyn Center.  The 50 or more regular residents and snowbirds gravitate from all over the world.  

Lawn bowling or "bowling the green" is an outdoor game played with various sized biased bowls aimed at a single target, a "jack", on an outdoor grassy manicured rink.  A few lessons from a seasoned lawn bowler can put a person "on the green" very quickly.  Previous athletic experience is not necessary.  The game of bowls is getting close to nature, enjoying sunshine and healthy exercise, with a mildly competitive game in the companionship of friends.  Participating in Lawn Bowling provides players with a happy state of mind, helps keep the body fit and rejuvenates the spirit.  

The Coachella Valley has only one public lawn bowling facility:  The Joslyn Center in Palm Desert.  To experience this perfect healthy sport join us on the green Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Beginners welcome, no prior experience is necessary. Daily, monthly or seasonal memberships are available. Enjoy one of the most popular sports in the world!


April:  Arrive at 8:00 - Bowl at 8:30

May:  Arrive at 7:30 - Bowl at 8:00

June: Arrive at 7:00 - Bowl at 7:30

Repeat July, August, September


November:  Arrive at 8:30 - Bowl at 9:00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday Through March

 Questions?  Call Georgia Linzmeyer at (949) 887-0992