Message from the Executive Director

Hi.  My name is Jack Newby and I want to introduce myself as the new

Executive Director of The Joslyn Center.  Before I tell you a little about myself, I want to first thank our Board of Directors for this incredible opportunity to work with the dedicated and talented staff, here at the Joslyn.  Their work over the years has helped make us a preeminent provider of services to seniors and older adults in our community.   Of course, the staff is supported by the selfless dedication of our volunteer Board of Directors who devote many hours of their time to ensuring that The Joslyn Center continues to fulfill its Mission.

Thanks also go to Lee Vanderbeck for all her work as Executive Director and acknowledge her legacy of providing outstanding service to our community and strengthening our programs and services.

I have several decades of experience working in the non-profit sector and have focused

primarily on issues affecting our older population and developing programs to meet the emerging needs of older adults.  My non-profit career began in the 1980’s as a volunteer for local non-profits in Long Beach California and later working for major non-profit organizations locally and in San Francisco in leadership positions and growing programs and services for those organizations. Most recently, I was Director of Development and Marketing for Mizell Senior Center.

It is hard to believe that the “baby boomers”, many of whom are now in their 70’s, will soon comprise the majority of our population in many of our local cities.  This growth is

unprecedented and presents new opportunities for programs and services to address the needs of our members and others who benefit from our services.  If you have a new idea or a need that is not being met, please let me or one of our staff know.  At The Joslyn Center, we look forward to bringing in new programs and services that reflect the community we serve.  I look forward to meeting you and working with you to meet our goal of “Enriching Lives Every Day.”


College of the Desert Arts & Sciences Department and The Joslyn Center are proud to work together to bring voices of the boomer generation to share stories that always end with a value, piece of wisdom or truth.  The stories are organized by thematic episodes with such topics as Love, Adventures, Baseball, Presidents, Music and We.  Listeners will get anywhere from 5-8 pieces of valuable wisdom from each half-hour episode and enjoy great storytelling from members of our Coachella Valley Community.  

To participate in the show you will need to sign a form giving permission for your voice and original story to be used on the show, which will air on the radio and will be podcasted online (which you can share with your friends and family).  We suggest writing out your story before the recording sessions and reading it aloud a few times to practice.  Then, when you start your recording session, just tell the story as you remember it without reading it from your notes.  Make sure it ends with a tying together of the story or a piece of wisdom, value or truth the listener will takeaway from listening to the story.  Stories should take 3-5 minutes to tell.  Interested?  Please call and talk to Kristine Gula at 760-340-3220, Ext. 105 for more information.  

Below is the list of episode themes.  You can tell up to 3 stories so pick one, two or three themes and prepare to share your stories!

Roots & Truth 1 Season 01:

01: Love Stories- Lessons, advice, best moments, first kiss, first love

02: Baseball- First game, playing, funny moments, major league moments

03: We- Unity, coming together, group moments, society movements

04: Presidents- Memories of our leaders, advice, lessons, current, past

05: Adventure- Where did you go you will never forget, first trip, family trips

06: Money- First paying job, first thing you bought with first pay check

07: Senses- Memories of heightened senses, tastes, sights, smells, sounds

08: Music- Favorite music, now, what is good, great, spectacular sounding

09: Art- How art has impacted you, changed you, art history, making art

10: Nature- Stories or moments with nature, bigger than us

11: Family- Stories of times with loved ones, lessons, insight, advice

12: Now- Advice for the now, present time

arthur_newman_theatre___now_playing     Presented by CV_Wellness_Logo

Cool Center Movie Thursday!

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Free Admission, Free Popcorn, and Free Beverage!  Check the activity calendar for movie of the week title and description.  

Bring a friend or two and enjoy the cool air, enjoyable treats and fun times at the Arthur Newman Theatre.