Hula For Fitness & Fun

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Every Saturday beginning November 4, 2017 10:00 AM

Students (“haumana”) will learn fluid, structured dance steps and motions, combined to tell stories.  Hula dancing builds stamina, flexibility, grace, rhythm and balance. It tightens the thighs, arms and core. It is a “light”, low-impact, form of dance although disciplined, and it is easy to have enjoyment and success after only a few lessons.

Each class begins with a short warm-up, and ends with a cool down stretching and builds on the one (s) before. Haumana will learn many hula dances, and some of the rich Hawaiian culture and language at the same time.

No prior hula experience is required. Bring water and a “pa’u” skirt, or a sarong; also a yoga mat or beach towel.